United Kingdom(Great Britain)


A Sped Kft Costs. 2000-was established, first round of the domestic goods transport ensure rapid. Thanks to our leaders and outlook of the then small team is now close to the persistence 50 people thrived and international route we.

Continuing our vehicle servicing work, our vehicles, our employees, and have adequate insurance of freight. Our fleet 75 piece, 14 tonnes, is duty vehicles. Attention,hu! Through sub-contractors 24 tons undertake the goods transportt.

2013. In April the company Bisnode by double AA rating systems certification to, On the basis of that, financial risk for our company to do business with very low.

Our main services:

  • goods transport
  • international freight
  • domestic freight
  • Truck Rentals

Additional Services:

  • providing courier GLS Courier courtesy of
  • Community transport

Due to our company fleet features we provide a very wide range of shipping orders. The smallest package size up 24 tons in weight goods transportWe also provide, both domestically and internationally.

Pick-up time is very flexible, Depending on the free capacity 1-3 We provide our customers with hours of departure.