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Goods transport

áru fuvarozás

Both domestic, and international level, the goods transporthas huge significance. After all, the summer and winter, weekdays and weekends continuous service, which guarantees the stability of the society. To do so, however, the goods transport behind a company should be to ensure, which provides not only the vehicles, but the trained professionals and conscientious, accurate drivers.

A Sped Kft Costs. Maximum response to these criteria 2000 has been present since the goods transport domestic and international market. Our business in the past 14 Achieving outstanding year, today it is home to one of the market leading provider of counts goods transport within.

A közel 50 people on the staff, day to ensure the smooth service, which underpins our daily lives livable. Vehicle fleet 75, have the required licenses and insurance, well-equipped and maintained vehicle report. A large number of our vehicles to ensure our customers the fast, even 1-3 stance and even within hours 14 ton goods transportt.

Provide for those customers of goods transportt, who 14 more tonnes on wanting to delivering goods, as a reliable subcontractors 24 tons to ensure road goods transportt.

Last year we won AA Bisnode Our certification partners to guarantee a risk-free goods transportout.

What services do we see the goods transport within?

  • domestic freight
  • international freight
  • collection of goods
  • direct delivery of goods
  • small package shipping
  • courier service (courier firms)
  • oversized and overweight goods
  • special freight