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International freight

nemzetközi áruszállítás

All of today's result is a smooth complex processes, days are behind, day, dozens of professionals are. In this example, the process of international freight is, and if it comes to a halt, very quickly losing sight of the familiar routine of everyday life.

Our business provides since the 2000s, the international freight smooth process. A közel 50 One stock, strong leaders, providing transport operator and assistants do their best to assist in the international freight smooth conduct of.

Modern vehicle fleet with the help of international freight up to the occasion 14 ton mass is sent to one destination, where we are able to. The walls of the trucks with lift collection system international transport of goodsst quickly and safely able to perform.

Our vehicles of international compliance with requirements provide the necessary licenses and tools.

What services can be taken advantage of international freight During?

  • direct delivery of goods
  • collection of goods
  • Route Planning
  • overweight and túlmértes goods

Why choose us, has international freightis about?

  • more, as,hu 10 years of experience, nearly 50 team member, 75 vehicle, more 1000 conducted once, traveled millions of miles
  • Bisnode AA rating
  • professionally equipped fleet
  • accurate and reliable drivers
  • optimal route planning service
  • fast, even 3 stance within hours

A international freight During undertake more products that require the delivery of special transport conditions are, Our sub-contractors as well as the established 24 tons can provide transportation.

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